Bet you never thought you’d see THIS!

No it’s not a joke. I actually paint with red wine. It works like watercolor… except I don’t use water as the vehicle, I use white wine which is more compatible.

Wine can be layered to create beautiful monochromatic layers of mauve which mature with age as the wine does naturally. Like traditional watercolors, these are best kept out of direct sunlight. Since this is experimental, it will be interesting to see how they mature over a ten year period.

These are for sale (if available). I am willing to entertain commissioned work. I prefer landscape subjects,  but am open to suggestion.

Castle Ruins 2008 - Wrongo Dongo Jumilla

Mistscape 2007 Vina Borgia

Pyramids 2009 - Le Villa Ferme, Vina Borgia

Reflection 2008 - Wrongo Dongo Jumilla

Toscana 2008 - Villa Pillo Borgoforte

I will add that I partook in each of these wines… yes, they were a good value! Yes, I recommend them as decent dinner drinkers!