Here are the famous and often infamous folks who have embarked on the arduous road of being Entities-R-Us Supermodels. Are YOU GQ enuff? Are you up to the task of a minor brush with fame?! It’s a dangerous proposition and should not be taken lightly… it can wreak havoc on your entire life causing you to overdose on Cheese Doodles and other orange food-like substances! Your MOTHER might find out and tell her friends! 

There are perks… The beauty of Supermodeling for Entities-R-Us is there are no weight, size or facial feature restrictions. You get to be just who you are in real life, even without makeup! To be honest, we all love you better that way. 🙂

Feel free to send in your picts with your Entities-R-Us attire, mug or book or whatever you elected to purchase. Send it to (Put “Supermodel” in the subject line.)

First EVER Entities-R-Us Supermodel is Dabrianna George. She is the “Cheryl Tiegs” of Entities-R-Us since she submitted first! She is sporting her Ghost Adventures Guest Draw T!

Dabrianna - Entities-R-Us Diva

In the GQ slot is Peter Comerford who wears his Entities-R-Us tank to get hot dates. We’ll update on his progress…

Pete Comerford - Entities-R-Us, GQ Supermodel!

 Sporting her Josh Gates Guest Draw mug, on which she plays a cameo role is Amanda Rosenblatt – author of the Destination Truth Fan website. Here she is testing the healing properties of her mug. Yes, it was effective!

Amanda Rosenblatt Healing with Entities-R-Us and Josh Gates

Kimberly Knox is hot in her Josh Gates Guest Draw T expressing her expresso in a matching Guest Draw Mug!

Kimberly Knox, Entities-R-Us Super Model, demonstrates proper use of a Josh Gates Guest Draw Mug and T-shirt.