These are samples of the Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) that we picked up during our investigation. Click on the red titles. The titles don’t reflect what is being said. The interpretation is suggestive. I you have a different take on it, please comment! I welcome a fresh perspective.

The Blue Room

Shanely7Blue2aBeyondGrave – “I’m a ghost from beyond the grave.”

Shanely7Blue5OhNO  – “No how… No way.”

ShanelyGeorge1 – “Don’t sit.”

Shanley1Sighs – singing then “ahhhhaaa, ahhhha.” After invest talk, “ahaaa.”

Shanley2Blue2 – “Have faith? … Have no faith.”

Shanley2BlueYes – “But have you?”

Shanley5George2Yes – “Have enough.”

Shanley5George3Laugh – ? Laugh?

Shanley6Third3 – “Awful”?

Shanley6Third4Help – “I want help.”

Shanley7-1Breath – “Hide, Go.”

Shanley7Blue2b – voices

Shanley7Blue2CI’m – “I’m Youngblood.”

Shanley7Blue2Vince – “I’m a blond lady.”

Shanley7Blue5Whisper –  “I’m Youngblood.”  This is from the same clip as above, it’s just singled out.

Shanley7Blue7WantTerri – “Want Terri.”

Shanley7Blue8vinceRight – Are you Vince? – “Right.”

Shanley7Blue9eBehindMe – “Oh, go to HELL!”

Shanley7Blue9GAlive – “Are you alive?”

Shanley7Blue9WomanNO – Are you a woman? – a quick “No.”

Shanley7Blue11Whistle – whistle

Shanley7Blue12aThankyou – Thank You.

Shanley7Blue12LeaveNoNo – Do you want us to leave the room? “No.” then second voice: “No.”

Shanley7Blue13Parlor – Do you consider this parlor tricks? – “No.”

Shanley7Blue14aWeWantStay – “We want you to stay.”

Shanley7Blue14NoPleaseStay – “Don’t leave, please stay.”

Shanley7Blue15 – “Like what?” or “What?”

Shanley7Blue15CIdon’twant – “But I don’t want you to leave.”

Shanley7Blue18Dontwantleave – voices

Shanley7Blue17UpsetYup – Are you upset with the camera? “Yup.”

Shanley7Blue18Dontwantleave – “Don’t want you to leave.”

Shanley7Blue19Wejustwantstay – Angry: “We just want you to stay!”

Shanley7Blue22LaughConvo – Laugh and conversation. (I really want to dismiss this as I think the converstation was another hotel guest, but the laughter seems otherworldly…)

Shanley7Blue23Pleasuretomeet – Tyler’s threat to crawl into bed with the spirit was met with woman’s voice: “Pleasure to meet you.”

Shanley7Blue25Help – “Help… come on.”

Shanley7Blue26 – “Get Help.”

Shanley7Blue28SalNever – Would you like us to go get Sal? – “Never.”

Shanley7Blue29LikeLeaveNo  – You would think everyone would stop asking if the spirits want us to leave… especially since the answer every time was, “N0.”

Shanley7Blue31TrytoDrainBat – Are you trying to drain the battery on that? – “Of course.”