Spooky evening in the North Adams Cemetery. Note moisture orbs.

I consider myself a student of the paranormal, as I think we all are. There is much we don’t understand about what and who lies beyond our plane of existence. I prefer to keep an open mind to experiences in hopes of widening my perspective.

The investigations listed are ones I participated in. Some of these have turned into cartoon series. If you search the location on this website, you will find the comics. It is on a ghost hunt that I will find the best fuel for Entities-R-Us. However, I regard the work as serious while in the field.

The advent of interest in the paranormal is a part of the rise in consciousness that is occurring on Earth now. It is my feeling it has everything to do with 2012. We are coming to the realization that we are not this body; we are a part of a greater whole that is eternal. It is this eternalness we explore through the paranormal. Our work as investigators is an important cog in the wheel of this exploration.

The photos and electronic voice phenomena here were taken on various investigations. Included here are “orb” photos which are likely dust or moisture. Some are related to events which makes them of interest. I hesitate to call anything absolutely paranormal. You be the judge. [Short of cropping or lightening up exceptionally dark photos, I have not doctored these in any way… not even for red-eye! These are honest accounts.]

I’ve given a written account of most of the larger investigations… albeit a humorous one in some cases. I’m hoping you enjoy reliving my experiences for most of these places were amazing.

The EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) are from different locations. Many have come from my personal digital voice recorder. Others are from team members (as indicated).

I’m hoping to add video eventually, should I get anything worthwhile.

If anyone has anything interesting they might want to contribute, I will go ahead and make a page for such things.

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