Here are a few of the EVPs I captured at Queen City Paracon’s investigation of the Cincinnati Music Hall. The first ones were mostly caught in the basement. The Theater yielded some as well when we did a HUGE group investigation… that one was tough as the possibility of contamination due to acoustics and the number of people involved caused me to throw out most of what I uncovered.

(Click on titles to hear them – TURN UP YOUR VOLUME!)

Tour1-KnowWhat : Either says, “Know what” or “Now watch.”

Tour2-ComeOnCarl : Seems to say, “Come on, Carl” or some other name…

Tour3-CanWeSpeakToWilhelm : “Can we speak to Wilhelm?”

Tour5-Sheila : At the end of this one you hear the name Sheila.

Tour6-IMissYou : Looking for a German speaking spirit only to find one say, “Italia, I miss you.” It’s quite faint.

Tour7Bathrm-ISuppose : We got this in the bathroom. An former employee haunts here turning on water. Caught him clearly, “I suppose.”

Tour7-ToYouOrGerman : No German at all… the same Italian responding to Gesundheit with the Italian version, “Salute.”

Tour9-DownHerePlease : Not sure what this says. Back of it seems to say “…here please.”

Tour10-YouCantFly : This is quick, “You can’t fly.”

These came from the hole in the wall that I had a HUGE deja vu about. I dreamed of catching evps from this spot with another person present who turned out to be Aaron Houdini. All the signs lined up and YES, I got EVPs! Nothing like some supernatural guidance for ghost hunting.

Tour11hole-German : Not sure what this says, “…Mr. Korbue?” It’s pretty clear though.

Tour13hole-See : Seems to say, “See” or “Si” (Italian for “I think so.” Could be Spanish as well.)

Tour14hole-Unknown : I have no idea what this is saying.

Tour15-Dietrich : Spirit identified himself as Dietrich, even sounds German…

Theater Investigation

Theater1-IFeelYou : Under conversation you can hear, “I feel you.”

Theater2-KlingeWildThang : This is an “EVP” of the Klinge Brothers provoking in another part of the building. You can get an idea how far a Texas voice will carry. They are saying something like, “Wild fire!”

Theater3-KlingProvoke : More of Ghost Lab’s Klinge brothers provoking in the distance. Carl Johnson remarks on it.

Theater6-Okay : Asking if they would like to leave a message. Answer, “Okay.”

Theater7-Ashburn : “Ashburn.”

Theater8-Asshole (8) : Somebody was getting called an “asshole.”

Theater9-NoOrMom : I remark about something being electronic. I’m answered, “No.”

Theater11-Spook : This sentence occurred after Carl Johnson sang, “Dixieland.” It seems to be saying something about “Spooks, spook.” Whether this is racial or merely ghostly, who knows. Looking for feed back on this jewel.

Theater12-Redrum : This could either be a Steven Kingly “Redrum” or “bathroom.” Perhaps our astral buddy was attempting to be intimidating.

Theater20-DoorShut : At beginning a click of a door shutting can be heard. We remark on it after. Further investigation leads us to believe it was paranormal.

Theater21-KlingeShout : The Klinge brothers provoke on stage. After that I get the following EVP.

Theater22-Hate : Obviously this spirit was not impress with Brad Klinge’s methodology.

Theater24-KlingeMakeHimGo : After another hollering session you can hear the disgruntled spirit saying, “Make him go.” It’s very faint in comparison of the living noise.

Theater25-No Theater26-No Theater27-MeTalk-NO : These series of “No”s I actually hear as the last clip shows. When I remark on it there is another “no” appearing in the clip. (My x-ray ears are sharp!)