Bedford Union Cemetery, Bedford, NY

Note: we always contact the authorities before any cemetery investigation. Never just set up camp without making the proper contacts and arrangements or someone will arrest you for trespassing on spirit property!

Bedford Union is an old spooky place, yet somehow welcoming. The team ORB – Obsideo Research of Beyond had investigated it numerous times. Their psychics are on a first name basis with the spirits that haunt there.

The photos I have here are not paranormal as there are other explanations for the anomalies. However they are interesting to me for different reasons.

This particular photo is of an Orb is most likely dust or moisture. What adds intrigue is one of our psychics was getting communication with an entity named Frances. This was taken in front of Frances’ grave site after I asked her to pose for a picture. Ironic, eh? On an aesthetic note, it’s a beautiful shot – which is one of the real reasons I want to show it!

Bedford Union Cemetery - Orb appearing after psychic communication with "Frances" whose grave is there!

Buxton Cemetery, NY

This is another old graveyard that is full of interesting headstones. During investigations some of our members picked up ectoplasmic mists on camera. Unfortunately I was not so lucky. However, we enjoyed some K2 Meter communication with a couple of resident spirits.

The evening ended early when our lead investigator broke her leg attempted to climb down and embankment to assure a couple police officers we had permission to be there. Betcha those guys felt pretty guilty…

Buxton Cemetery Orb above K2 during Communication

This Light Anomaly is likely a spec of moisture. It was a wet night. However, it follows in line with communication we were experiencing on the K2 meter. We were getting definitive answers to our questions and this cropped up in the photo just above the K2… FUN!