In a Flash…

I should note that most of my paranormal experiences seem to occur when I head out for that gratuitous glass of water at night. For some that would be incentive to stay in bed. Hey, if I’m thirsty, I’ll brave the meanest ghost.

We were living in a former schoolhouse in Poughquag, NY. While it was an old building, I hadn’t had any paranormal experiences with the exception of some strange photos we took with streaks of light which may have been cars passing – a mere curiosity.

I had already gone to bed when I decided I required water. I headed down the stairs only to see a light resembling a candle on the landing about the level someone would be if they were looking out the window. It appeared to notice me and in a flash zoomed out through the living room heading for the front door.

I backed up a few steps in shock and called for Rob, who was quite annoyed to be awakened at that hour. What scared me was not the possibility of a ghost, but the idea an electric fire could be in progress. I rushed down to feel the walls around the light switch on the landing. The weather that evening was not conducive to electrical activity or I would have assumed it to be a suspect.

I was left with something I couldn’t explain. It looked to me as if I had surprised someone holding a candle or lantern who wandered off the street to check out the place. This person was looking out the window when they saw me, then fled the scene. Who or whatever it was certainly surprised me! I’ve never backed up from anything paranormal before or since. I never saw anything like that light anomaly in that house again.

Many years later, I came across a local ghost story that talked about a spirit on a street in Poughquag who would randomly walk into people’s homes. It wasn’t tied to any of them. It was just wandering around. It fits nicely with my tale. Just circumstantial evidence I’m afraid, but fun to speculate… perhaps add to a local legend.

I still don’t know what that was…