A Relative Drops in to say Goodbye…

In 1996, The Netminder (which was me), was wrapping up the hockey chat show, Sweepin’ The Crease…,  just after 9pm. I headed out to the kitchen for my gratuitous glass of water before bed. I chugged it, set down my glass and looked over my dining table to see the unexpected.

The apparition of my brother-in-law hovered over the dining table with his hands folded pensively in front of him. I froze and stared briefly. He was either a little freaked out by being out of his body, or he was nervous about how I would react.

I can only describe it as an energetic impression of him. It was not a wispy, ghostly kind of vision. It was clearly he.

Instinctively, I knew what I was seeing, but my brain was in a state of disbelief. I smiled at him, did a little salute as I whipped a turn and toodled into the bedroom. I climbed into bed, put the pillow over my head and the thought out of my mind.

The next morning my husband called me to tell me my brother-in-law passed around 9pm. It confirmed what I wasn’t willing to believe the night before. He was expected to pass, but no one truly believes a 33-year-old will die. Why he chose me to visit? I can only guess he would expect me to be the most receptive and therefore, likely to pass on the message. It was a message I waited 10 years to pass to my sister-in-law. She wasn’t quite ready for the paranormal at the time.

It’s important to know our loved ones live on in spirit. They are not gone from us forever. That is why many drop in to visit us. Not to frighten, but to say, “Hey, I’m okay! I love you too!”

I am honored to be the messenger.