A few months back I joined in on an investigation of a local library that had reported spirit activity. Reports ranged from eerie feelings to entire shelves crashing down, apparently in protest of a library director leaving.

We covered this place top to bottom. I could feel energies in one section. There were EMF fluctuations there as well. We had similar experiences on the upper floors. Upstairs we even heard and audible moan, “Oooohh.” This my recorder captured. The basement was quite active. We were able to get responses using an EMF that lights up. One of our investigators felt a cold energy next to her. She even became quite emotional for no apparent reason.

Here are some of the EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena or “ghost voices”) we captured.

Click here: LibraryBasementStair1 – “Shoo little sheep” This is the initial tour to the basement. It took me a long time to figure this out. It sounded initially like “cheepity cheep”…

Click here: LibraryBasementStair2 – “This rest of the room begins it (or all).” This one was also difficult to decipher. You can hear rest and room fairly clearly. Weigh in on this and let me know what you hear.

Click here: LibraryBasementStair3 – “Everything out, it’s not here.” Below the talking about the former printing press that was here, you can hear the ghost commenting that it is gone.

Click here: LibraryBasementDoor1 – “Heh, heh, heh, heh…” While our guide was fumbling at the door, he told how it was mysteriously locked on him once. You can hear laughter of a man in the background.

Click here: LibraryMiddleRm1 – “Can you tell I’m me?” This was in the main room with the library desk. We were commenting on a photo and plaque of a former librarian (who apparently haunts there). You can hear a woman’s voice in the background.

Click here: LibraryMiddleRm3 – “ee-ooo, ee-ooo” or “no, no” or “He knows, He knows.” Can hear a whisper under the guide’s talk about the apartment in the back of the library. Tough to make out what is actually being said.

Click here: LibraryMiddleRm4 – “Oh I can speak on that.” The guide was discussing the radio being turned on. A male voice comments who has probably used it to speak like a ghost box?

I’m skipping ahead on the investigation list to the audible moan so you can hear that. I will be posting more of these each day this week.

Click here: LibraryUpstairMainRmI1 “OOooooo.” Right after that you can hear me say, “Was that you?” We heard this loud and clear.

We were asked not to name the library in question. I will tell you it resides in the Southern Dutchess area of New York. So feel free to get a library card and scope the scene. You might just meet a ghost.

Today’s comics are based loosely on our experiences with the particular spirits.

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts!