Sunday, yeah I know EASTER, I will join Nate Schoonover (formerly of Extreme Paranormal) and Shaun Burris for their live radio show. Tune in. This should  be pretty rad!

Ghosts and Demons

The Ghostman—Shaun Burris, a blue collar ghost hunter for over 14 years, Nathan Schoonover—AKA the Demon Hunter, a paranormal investigator and occultist for almost 20 years wanted to bring you two things: the big names in the paranormal community the way they got to see them behind the scenes, and the groups and investigators out there in the paranormal trenches. Thus the Shock Jocks of the supernatural were born. (G&D website)

Ghostman and Demon Hunter are live every Sunday night at 9:30 PM ET.

Deonna Kelli-Sayed

This is an excellent blog to dig into. Deonna is a pal of mine. Her first book, Paranormal Obsession, is due out in September. I had the honor to be interviewed for this one. I’ll be filling you in on the details. Meanwhile she has an interesting topic this week. “The Desire to Be Somebody…” discusses the trend in the paranormal field to become recognized via TV or other media. It’s an interesting and truthful take on the nature of the beast.

Her book link is:

More Library EVPs!

Once again I delve into the heart of this investigation.

Here we stepped out of the main tour and checked a side room that seemed to be active. A paper boy’s apparition has been seen in the window here  by a police officer, one who doesn’t usually make stuff up…

Click here: LibraryMiddleBkRm1 – “Leave here, no I won’t.” This one is a whisper after I ask it they would like to talk to us. Could be a kid’s voice.

Click here: LibraryMiddleBkRm3 – “Somebody, not me tells story.” This one is a man’s voice.

Click here: LibraryMiddleBkRm3a “HA! (I ask what’s your name) I’m James. (Second voice) “Little boy.” It seems we have our paper boy.

Click here: LibraryMiddleBkRm6 – Hear under guides voice a quick sentence, “Look at it.”

Click here: LibraryMiddleBkRm7 – I ask how old are you (there is a pause before you hear a faint answer). “Six.”

Click here: LibraryMiddleBkRm8 – “I want to talk with you.” This is after I asked if they had a message. It’s faint but there.

Click here: LibraryMiddleBkRm9 – “No.” Donna asks if there is anything we can bring the spirits. (Also hear guide talking in background). Response is at the end of clip.

Click here: LibraryMiddleBkRm10 – I ask, are you a paper boy? Right after that you hear “Uh Huh.”

Click here: LibraryMiddleBkRm11 – “I’m Jim.” This one is under the talking after I ask if the spirit is a little boy.

Click here: LibraryMiddleBkRm13 – I asked what year where you born. “1 – 8” (This repeats a second time in the clip at the end). Since the library basement was rented to a local paper around 1926, it is quite possible for a boy  born in 1918 to be working there in that time frame.

Enjoy these. I’ll load more up as the week progresses.