Liquor Room at Smalley's where I saw the orbs. Yes, we debunked the sink.

Monday’s comic was based on my sighting of two orbs in the liquor cellar at Smalley’s Inn. The first one I saw 6 inches from the top of my head. The second one occurred later zooming just below my waist. These has their own light source. We tried to debunk it with camera flashes, etc. No luck… Also Donna and Nathan had also seen lights in that room on separate investigations. Paranormal? Looks like it!

Tuesday’s comic was a great debunking of a groan EVP. Thanks to Big Guy Media, we were able to trace this demonic growl to ME groaning about Nathan turning the light on. It was caught on camera, full in the face! It’s quite funny. I think they are keeping that incident on the film. It’s an excellent example of what can appear as paranormal,  but really be something benign. Of course, if you are investigating with me, you have to beware of weird sighs, growls and humming. I’ve caught all three on my own EVP scans.

EVPS from Smalleys

Click Here: 02Smal-DontCutMeNow – This one was in the basement of Smalleys. I’m not sure what it says. It sounds like “Don’t want to know.” or “Don’t wet my nose.” It’s weird…

These are upstairs waiting for investigation to begin. Because of the bar noise, it is really hard to pull good EVPs in Smalleys until it closes. Also, another issue is high EMF fields due to crazy wiring. Anyone who investigates there needs to take all of that into account.

Click Here: 07Smal-Camera – This one says the word “camera.”

Click Here: 06Smal-TurnItOff – This one comments on camera again. “Turn it off.”

Click Here: 10Smal-Psalms – “Psalms” or “Songs”(This is what I think it says.) This one came right after Kelly and I saw the glowing mist.

Click Here: 13Smal-ThenIForceHer – “Then I will force her.” (This sounds spooky.)

Click Here: 17Smal-BackOffNow – “Back… Off… Now.”

Basement (Food side where liquor and meat locker is).

Click Here: 20Smal-ImHandingItToYou – “I’ll hand it to you.” This one happened as I was setting up the phone ovilus. Not long after this I saw the first orb in the liquor room. Then the second approximately 10 minutes later.

Upstairs at Table 21 (Where the lady is supposed to sit.)

Click Here: 24Smal-OwwItHurts – “Owww, it hurts.” This could be bar noise.

Click Here: 25Smal-Hello – “Hello.”

Click Here: 26Smal-HowDoYouDoThat – Sadly, even if this IS an EVP the bar noise cancels it out.

Click Here: 27Smal-PossibleName – I thought this was a name, but now I’m not sure. See what you think.

Click Here: 28Smal-Dogs – “Dogs.” There is a story of a ghost German Sheppard and another dog appearing in photos (separately). Tony showed us a couple of dog apparitions.

Click Here: 30Smal-YouShouldGoBack – “Years since it’s been.”

Click Here: 34Smal-OvilusJimChildren – This is the ovilus saying “Jim… is… children” It is possible to connect it to James Smalley and his child Elizabeth. These might be the only words the spirit could find to use on the Ovilus (has limited words). Probably means James’ child. It’s stuff like this that makes me think there is something to this Ovilus phone app.

Click Here: 40SmallOvilusJamesChild – Second time Ovilus says “James, Child”

Click Here: 48Smal-Delightful – I was describing to the spirits how to use the “Ghost Words” app on the phone. I told them to press the words they want to say. One of them responded, “Delightful.”

Click Here: 49Smal-ItWontWork – Apparently the spirits did not have enough energy to press the words. “It won’t work.”

Click Here: 50Smal-Growl – This sounds like a dog barking. Could be bar noise or a chair sliding.

Click Here: 51Smal-SheDontKnow – I suspect this is a comment about me and my phone apps… “She don’t know…”

Click Here: 52Smal-HeDontWantToAnswer – “He don’t want to answer.”

Click Here: 53Smal-TheBarnDoor – “Barn door.”

Click Here: 56Smal-I’mHappy – “I am.”

Click Here: 55Smal-IAmNotAlive – We had to discount this because of the bar. But, I still think it has merit. Seems to say slowly at first and end with a loud scream. “I.. am… not… ALIVE!”

Click Here: 58Smal-BlankKilledHimself – Donna asked if this was the employee that killed himself. We actually get a name (which I won’t mention – you’ll hear it) “(blank) killed himself.”

Click Here: 33Smal-KnowILoveYou – We went over this one a million times arguing what it says. The consensus was, “Help…” The rest we could sort out.

DEBUNKED! This was the one debunked as being me growling about Nathan turning on the light.

Click Here: is this the wineceller door closing – “grrOOOwl” It was me. We saw it on the camera afterward. This was off Nathan’s recorder.

I have more and will post those later in the week.

So, Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts!