Food side basement. Note the wires above. Loads of EMF!

I’ve been away from the blog, so I want to play catchup with the proceeding ‘toons you may have already read and put some story to them. As you know, I have been cartooning my last paranormal investigation at Smalley’s Inn in Carmel, NY. Soon you will be able to view a TV production of it on Paranormal Valley produced by Big Guy Media. I’ll let you know when it’s done.

Backtracking to Smalley’s Inn 5 – Team members Kelly Leiberman and Andy Siedel tracked an EMF field about the size of a person in the dining room near the infamous “table 21” where much of the activity resides. This is what the comic is based on.

Smalley’s Inn 6 – Donna Parish-Bischoff (co-founder of IndyPara) and I sat at Table 21 with various paranormal tools, some of which we were testing. I was exploring phone apps with the iPhone. Donna has a device that was supposed to read motion. It created a buzzing noise that was HUGELY annoying to me. While she explained it to me, I was still at a loss to understand what the heck the thing was. Alas, we were experimenting… That is the nature of paranormal investigation. We don’t know how to detect a ghost exactly. I don’t care how many years a ghost hunter has worked in the field, there are no sure bets for ghost proof. So, I’m all for experimenting to see what happens. If spirits can move and chuck things, then it is just as likely they’ll move a trigger object. The trick is to find the right ones. I produced a mini Etch-a-Sketch and a “magnetic” drawing tablet (one of those gizmos you use a stylus to write with, when your done, you lift up the plastic and the drawing vanishes). None of these were effective. Perhaps the spirits weren’t strong enough, or didn’t understand how to use them.

Smalley’s Inn 7 – Debunking the mirrors. There are tales of spirits appearing in the mirrors at Smalley’s. Donna and I examined these carefully, noting they were old with discolorations, deterioration and assorted marks. These potentially will look like faces or mists in photos or in passing.  The debunking did not happen like the cartoon. I would have been far funnier if it did. We just aren’t accomplished at being stupid in real life. Ha!

GD Indy Para – Another official color Guest Draw of the Indy Para team with Nathan Schoonover (formerly of Extreme Paranormal and soon to be a judge on an episode of Zak Bagan’s new show “Paranormal Challenge”), Donna Parish-Bischoff (co-founder of Indy Para), and ME (co-founder, rabid cartoonist and instigator). We debunked a story of a busboy who found himself “paranormally” locked in the basement meat locker. If you turn the handle straight up, it stays that way. If you  close the door behind you, it will fall and lock you in “slick as a fart” as my Dad would say.

Smalley’s 9 – This one stars Andy Seidel, our tech guy (he resents this title, so I drew him with a head-cam implant). Andy wiped out on this sink in the basement a couple of times. He thought it was out to get him. Ironically, this same sink was captured on camera moving! We all saw if first hand. Big Guy Media’s camera caught it. I can’t wait for you all to see the footage. Our debunking was inconclusive. With all the witnesses, it really seems like we had genuine paranormal sink movage!

Smalley’s 10 – High EMF is the way of the world at Smalley’s Inn. There is a lot of old wiring in the basement. The electromagnetic fields are off the charts in some spots. It’s almost advisable to toss the meter back in your pack and forget it. However, you can isolate some readings. We did experience an EMF anomaly surrounding the moving sink. I let Arno and Merv debunk this one. After all, they are the stars of the comic.


In the last post, I missed this growl that turned out to be me.

Click Here: is this the wineceller door closing – What sound like a breathy aurrgggghhh is really me commenting on Nathan turning the light on in a dark basement. This was an important debunking. If it wasn’t for video footage of me opening my big mouth, we would have counted it as a possible EVP. It just goes to show how much goes into paranormal investigation.

Table 21. Note the high gloss finish. There are pennies under this. People claim to see faces in these in photos. It has to be reflections from surface.

These are from Table 21

Click here: 36Smal-ImYourBuddy – Sounds like “I’m not anybody.”

Click here: 37Smal-NoBackHere – “No one black here.”

Click here: 40SmallOvilusJamesChild – This is the phone app Ovilus. It definitely says James… Child. Elizabeth, his daughter haunts here.

We also had Ovilus hits that referred to the employee that shot himself. Words like shot, words that phonetically sounded like his name (which I will not reveal out of respect for the family).

Click here: 42Smal-OhBoy – “Oh boy.”

Click here: 44Smal-BlankHereThatsRight – “….That’s right.” Says more at the front. Think it says the name of the employee is here, that’s right.

Click here: 45Smal-MaybeThoseDontHear – “Maybe those don’t hear?” This sounds like a comment on equipment.

Click here: 46Smal-ImSarah – “I’m sorry.” Initially I though this said, “I’m Sarah.” But it seems otherwise.

Click here: 47Smal-GetOutOfHere – “Get out of here.”

At this point, I fired up an application on my phone called “Ghost Words.” The premise is the spirit is supposed to press the words they want and it will call them out. I had a tough time pressing them, so the spirits did too. First I explained how to do it to them. I got this response…

Click here: 48Smal-Delightful – “Delightful.” I think the spirit thought this phone app was pretty cool.

Click here: 49Smal-ItWontWork – “It won’t work.” I guess the ghost couldn’t operate my iPhone…

Click here: 50Smal-Growl – “GROWL!” This may be an odd sound, possibly a chair. It almost sounds like someone saying the word growl.

Click here: 52Smal-HeDontWantToAnswer – “He don’t want to answer.” There is ambient noise from the bar, so this one is not conclusive.

Click here: 53Smal-TheBarnDoor – “Barn door.” Sounds like a New England accent. Still bar noise could be culprit.

Click here: 55Smal-IAmNotAlive – “I am not alive… ALIVE!” We discounted this one because of bar noise, but I still think it has merit. It sounds too much in the high frequency range for me to consider it noise from the bar.

Click here: 56Smal-I’mHappy – “You’re not happy…” The rest of the sentence is tough to catch.

Click here: 58Smal-BlankKilledHimself – Donna asked if the ghost was the one who killed himself. We got this response: “….killed himself.” (Again, I won’t name the person. You’ll hear it likely).

Click here: 60Smal-TouchTheTableHard – “Touch the table HARD!” Felix thought this was himself talking. I don’t think so…

Basement for storage with sinks, chairs, etc.

Basement with sinks before it moved... and before Andy tripped on it. The sink that moved is to the left on the floor.

SINK MOVES – this next batch of audio you will hear a single stainless steel sink that was sitting on the basement floor move. No one was touching it. Six people surrounded it. We all saw it from different angles. Big Guy Media caught it on film. It’s a snazzy bit of evidence. We tried to debunk it, but it was inconclusive. The EMF fields surrounding the sink were off the charts. I could feel the energy myself.

Click here: 61Smal-AndyTripsOnSink – This is our investigator Andy tripping on the sink. Note the sound of that. We also noted that he had shifted it. We tried to see if it was now in a precarious position which would cause it to shift. We were not able to debunk it.

Click here: 62Smal-FirstSinkTap – You can hear a tap on the sink. I sounded like a mouse. No rodents were found.

Click here: 63Smal-SinkMoves1 – The sink actually moves on it’s own.

Click here: 67Smal-SinkTap3 – You hear the sink make a tap noise after Andy comments on EMF.

Click here: 68Smal-DontNeedHelp – “I don’t want your help.” We were offering to help.

Click here: 69Smal-SinkMovesFalls – Sink moves and falls. This is the portion caught on tape. You’ll see that later when the show comes out.

Click here: 72Smal-NastyBuggerForgetYou – “Nasty bugger, forget you!” Nathan set up a garland and asked the spirit to move it…

Click here: 73Smal-HelpMe – “Help me.” This followed a K2 spike.

Click here: 74Smal-SinkMoveAfter1 – The sink shifts again.

Click here: 75Smal-Rankle – “Rankle.” We were joking about how a toilet flushed as we asked the spirit what rank in the military he was.

Click here: 77Smal-No – I ask if this is a little girl. “No.”

Click here: 78Smal-I’mScaredToMove – Andy asked if it would move the sink again. “I’m scared to move.”

Click here: 79Smal-IWantClosure – Two voices here. “I want to get closer…” then a little girls voice “I want that.”

After this Donna sees the hose on the sink move.

Click here: 80Smal-YesIDo – I asked if the spirit moves things often. “You want me?”

Click here: 81Smal-YourGonnaRunFromMe – “Your gonna run from me… Your gonna run from ME!” (Someone was trying to intimidate us…)

Click here: 82Smal-YourGoingAway – You hear Andy talking then underneath him toward the second half, you hear something else… Not sure what its says.

Upstairs on Break

Click here: 84Smal-HelpMeAgain – “Help me again.” I think this is an investigator… If not, its a good one!

Click here: 85Smal-DontLetHimHitMe – “Don’t let him know.”

Click here: 88Smal-CutNathansHair – We were talking about Nathan cutting his hair… At first I thought this was a comment on it. Now I’m not sure. It’s good to go back and review EVPs. Often you find you were wrong with what you thought initially.

Back in 2nd basement – food side.

Click here: 90Smal-Wantosa – This sounds like a Native American name. “Wantosa.” This land was known as a Native American site.

Click here: 91Smal-I’mFriend – “I’m your friend.”

Click here: 93Smal-WhatIsHappening – “What is happening?”

Click here: 94Smal-ComeTalkToMe – “Come talk to me…”

Click here: 95Smal-HelpMe – “Come help me.”

Basement with Sink

Click here: 96Smal-MakeHimGoAway – “Go away.” Hear it after Nathan’s voice.

Click here: 97Smal-Go – “Go away.” This was the last EVP I caught.

All in all, it was a fantastic night. We enjoyed this one. The Big Guy Media team was totally professional. I hardly knew they were there.

I’ll let you know when the show is released.

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts!