Good question! Sometimes they must. In lieu of a tragic accident, I imagine the spirit would hang around until the crime was solved, or, in the case of this comic, until the body is found. What happens after 100 years?!

This brings to mind an experience I had involving a psychic and the old farm property I used to own. The fellow discovered there was a ghost haunting the top of the hill who was angry his body was not sent home. He was also missing his box of stuff and was refusing to leave until it was returned… Fat chance, since it was lost 100 years ago. The fellow was thrown from a horse onto a rock in the gully behind the hill. He haunted the hill… and was quite angry. This scenario explained why my horse was always uncomfortable up there.

I made an effort to help this fellow move on. Unfortunately, he just stared me down. I doubt he was going anywhere. He’s probably still there.

When there is a haunting, a little research and some applied logic and one can generally figure out why a ghost would stay behind in a location. The more facts uncovered, the more of a shot you have at sending these lost souls onward. If you can move them on, it’s incredibly rewarding… especially for the ghost I presume.Unfortunately, I could not discover enough information about the man on the hill. So, he’ll probably haunt another 100 years until he gives up.

More para-food for thought.