Yes, my paranormal team is big on attempting to freak out each other. Sometimes it works, mostly it doesn’t… SO DON’T TRY IT OR I’LL SLUG YOU TOO! LOL

Wandering around in the dark is the perfect opportunity to say, “BOO!”… or mostly “RAHHHH!!!” (our preferred freakout of choice). The worst is IndyPara generally investigates with Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators, which contains a few seasoned “scarers.” You can hardly go around a corner between EVP sessions and not expect James Mulcahy to stick his heathen hollering, demonic head out from behind a door. Fortunately, I do not scare easy.

I’m used to being the scarer… IT’S ME! I DO THE SCARING! Sheesh… The worst is, I keep trying to scare the bastard and he doesn’t flinch! (I don’t flinch either, but sometimes I nearly raise a fist). One of these days it will be “POW, RIGHT IN THE KISSER!” That will probably end our paranormal partnership though. So, I hold back.

Alas, we, yes we do a serious and professional investigation at each place we go to. But, we are not librarians! So, expect a little good natured humor when you invite us to sort out your ghosts. Who knows, I may even bring Thor along! He’ll haunt you for a while, then he’ll leave for a more abundant mead barrel.

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts, Scare Your Cohorts!


IndyPara and Pou Para on the steps of the Garrison House. Left to right: Leah, Arrah, Ed, Donna, John, James. I took the picture! -photo by Terri J. Garofalo – duh