You all knew it was coming with the sporadic postings. It’s been a ride to hell in a hand basket (what the hell is a hand basket?!) to keep up with a daily cartoon, creative director job and life in general. So, I’m cutting back to four days a week. This will afford more time to write and publish. Also, it will allow me to put more energy into the quality. I love to write off the cuff, but I would like a chance for refinement. So, here it goes!

The old axiom, less is more, finally slapped me upside the head. So, I hope you are willing to wait for superior comics. I want to put out quality more than quantity.

So, please enjoy yourselves and have a laugh or two.

Just think, when I cash in that winning lotto ticket, I’ll jump back in for a full 7 days again… or maybe only 5, so  I can travel. I get tired of four walls and a computer.

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts, Read Comics!