When you’re a workaholic, everyday’s a work day… So, Saturday seems to slot right into that line of thinking. It’s always nice to finish some cartoon inking on top of that. Even a trip up North in the car finds me with my feet on the dashboard and a pad in my lap sketching out ideas, seeking punchlines in a less than humorous day. Not a bad day, but not a funny one either.

So, I opt to take my “day of rest” on Sunday… With inlaws on the horizon due in at some point in the a.m… along with whoever else they invited. I never truly know how many will show up at the house for these whirlwind visits. What I CAN be assured of is that it will be a lively time, an INSANE time, and yet another chance to entice our local diner to THROW ALL OF US OUT!

It’s a good thing that I am not easily embarrassed or I would have to go into hiding afterwards for a millennium.

I am looking forward to total exhaustion at the end of the day… and more fodder for that graphic novel stewing in the works of my brain.

Eat Cookies!