I’m sure you all noticed I was not on top of the blog this mornings. Between an early dental appointment for incisor cleaning and a need for some r&r, I’m finally coming around thanks to some “Invigorate” tea from the Himalayas. I presume it’s made from Yeti hair… though it tastes loads better than one would imagine.

Wayne Dyer graced me with a quote this mornin’ which instigated a full belly laugh.

“Don’t ‘pole vault over mouse turds.'”

In other words, keep it simple.

I am storing up energy to join the Erie County Paranormal Blogtalk crew, Frank Grande and Jerry Thompson for some paranormal laughs with Deonna Kelli-Sayed of Haunted North Carolina. She is a TAPS family member who actually appeared on one of the original episodes of Ghost Hunters. She is currently working on an interesting book about the new fascination with paranormal and its effects.

Join us tonite at 10pm EST – http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ghsthunter346