Ouija Nite is confusing… What happened between the second and third panels? Good question! The results are obvious… This is what poltergeists can do. You leave the room for a moment, you return to find all the furniture stacked in an inverted pyramid. Clever, eh? (It’s a bad scene when a cartoonist has to explain the joke…)

Friday: Paranormal time out for irascible spirits… Erna will demonstrate.

Saturday: Merv Adventures: “What would Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes do?” You gotta know it doesn’t work the way it would for Jay and Grant…

Sunday:Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango of Ghost Hunter’s Academy Guest Draw!

I’ll be out partying with the family for the 4th so this blog may go unattended for a couple days. The cartoons will run however!

You may notice some updates… I’m slowly re-organizing the content of the site. The character bios have been updated and now have their own drop-down page now. Also, Ghost Stories has been updated. There will be more stories as I pen ’em out. Next I’m tackling the Paranormal Evidence Page. Each major investigation will have it’s own drop-down. So, keep poking around!

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts and Barbecue cool food!