Batman Massacre – Possible Possession?


by Terri J. Garofalo – author of Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic; Co-founder of IndyPara, Paranormal Researchers,



Horror doesn’t begin to describe the scene at the Aurora movie theater in Colorado in July of 2012, when James Holmes, regaled in a gas mask and fatigues, opened fire on the crowd gathered to enjoy the latest Batman movie. What is more absurd is there does not appear to be a motive. Holmes, who was arrested at the scene, is not talking.


He has not given any reason as to why he would kill so many innocent people, including a six-year-old girl. He has not indicated why he booby-trapped his apartment in hopes of killing police or anyone else who entered. His acquaintances, old friends and even parents had no reason to suspect Holmes would ever do something this heinous. He was not the most social person, but he was highly intelligent and relatively normal. According to experts, he doesn’t fit the profile of a cold-blooded killer as Michael Carr-Gregg explains.


“For a start, most mass killers tend to do poorly in school, have trouble holding down jobs and often work in unskilled jobs, none of which apply to James Holmes.

None of the reports to date suggest he came from a markedly dysfunctional family. He was not, as far as we know, abandoned by his father and raised by a domineering mother.

His family don’t seem to have any evidence of criminal, psychiatric or alcoholic histories.

Furthermore, to date, there is no suggestion that James was subjected to either psychological, physical or sexual abuse.

He did not spend any time in an institution as a child, nor does he appear to have displayed any early psychiatric problems, such as wetting the bed, fire-starting or any involvement in voyeurism, fetishism, sadistic activity or tormenting small creatures, or sadomasochistic pornography – in sharp contrast to other mass killers like Martin Bryant.

No medical records have been unearthed that suggest a history of previous suicide attempts.” (Carr-Gregg, 2012)

So, does this mean he snapped for no reason? He did drop out of school recently, which is suspicious. There are new reports he was seeing a campus psychiatrist. There is also an envelope mailed to her, which allegedly indicates he is about the kill people. Contents of that are not being disclosed.


“There is no evidence Holmes felt paranoia, nor have any records emerged showing he was ever diagnosed with or treated for any form of mental illness. But the absence of such evidence does not rule out the disorder, experts said.” (Begley, 2012)


So, what heaved him over the edge? One just doesn’t go there even after a major disappointment. The police and media are baffled. BUT, there is one possibility no one has considered. Possession. Now just hang in there while I expound on my theory.


I think it was the great ghost hunter Hans Holzer who said (and I’m digging in vain through my Holzer books looking for the quote I know I read – if I’m wrong, forgive me) most of the criminals incarcerated are probably victims of possession and therefore, not entirely responsible for their actions.


There are some truly nasty spirits out there who seek out opportunities to influence the living. Most people are not susceptible to an invasion. There are those who are weak-minded, fearful, depressed or addictive personalities who may be open to possession by another.


Alcohol and drugs aid possession according to Hans Holzer (Holzer interview, 2007). Under the influence, a negative entity can easily displace a spirit. This can explain how people who drink change personality. Using a Ouija board is another portal to possession. While Holmes did not appear to be using drugs or alcohol, could he have played with Ouija? Was the apartment he rented inhabited by a negative energy he could not fight off?


So, what happened to James Holmes? If you study the photos of him in school or with his family, and friends, he seems likeable. His eyes have warmth to them. Now, examine the photos taken after the massacre; his eyes tell a different story. It is as if we are looking at a completely different soul… It doesn’t appear to be the same person. He was virtually catatonic while being arraigned in court. He’s been calm and composed through the entire ordeal from the time he was caught. He even asked a jailer how the movie ended.


The question remains, is it Holmes who is there in his body? A recent voicemail message heard by the gun range operator when he returned Holmes’ call seems to indicate something demonic is going on.


“’He emailed an application to join the Lead Valley Range in Byers on June 25 in which he said he was not a user of illegal drugs or a convicted felon, said owner Glenn Rotkovich. When Rotkovich called to invite him to a mandatory orientation the following week, he said he heard a message on Holmes’ voice mail that was “bizarre — guttural, freakish at best.’” (Flaccus, Riccardi, 2012)


This has all the hallmarks of a possession. It reeks of the Amityville Horror murders where the young man killed his family and was at a loss to say why. So, are we dealing with the supernatural instead of the real Mr. Holmes? What is his responsibility in allowing this to happen to him? Is he cognizant of what he has done?


This throws up red flags to me as a paranormal investigator. The necessity of protection is real. Some of the cases my team tackles are ones with negative entities. I have experienced oppressive spirits and am very cautious. While I occasionally attempt psychic drawing, I do not do this lightly. If the case is nasty, I will not.


Those of us who are sensitive or psychic can become victims if we are not educated about protection. Whether you surround yourself with white light, evoke prayer, or carry a crystal or talisman, it comes down to belief in your own strength of spirit. If you stand strong in your body, nothing else can penetrate. We all have the strength to do this. You just have to believe in your INHERENT power.


Perhaps James Holmes did not possess the power to protect himself. Or, he just snapped… or did he?


Para-food for thought…



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