This week I banned myself from the computer. Therefore, you have not had a new comic until today. Sorry about that. But, I needed respite. This week one of our designers was sent packing. I was forced to assume the workload. So, yadda, yadda, yadda, I’m really tired.

But, today we have Thor discussing his “tan” with Carl. This idea materialized on Thor’s Facebook page. Writing for this often leads to new comics. This just goes to show, if you keep writing, ideas will just show up.

There are times, however, when an artist needs to become dormant. A break from creating helps incubate ideas. I observe this in myself. It’s important to recharge. This can apply to all of us in regards to work or other efforting. When we honor the ebb and flow of energy, we are more productive.

We need to apply this idea to the workplace. Employees would be more effective if they were allowed to work within their own energy cycles. The morale would improve, and a company would be more likely to find and keep great talent.

People need to be nurtured. We are learning coercion does not work long term. Heavy-handed management may be effective at first, but it will discourage innovation and the desire to perform at peak. I have worked for many companies. I have witnessed many styles of management. Kindness always wins. I use this when I manage. It has served me well. It is an honor to see someone enjoy working under you enough to rise to new levels of innovation, because you have allowed them to. So, it’s about encouraging people to work within their rhythms and be who they need to be.

Food for thought…