Have you ever wondered how many ghosts you walk through every day? They’re there… There’s too much evidence to controvert it. Spirits can be anywhere. Most of us are completely unaware of the paranormal surrounding us. So, how many ghosts have you walked through today?

I bet they’re pissed! I’d be hard pressed to think they would enjoy the living just barreling through their persons. I can imagine the rants they get on about. To them we are just bungling fools bouncing off paranormal walls and plowing through their world.

But, do they really notice us? Some do… Probably, not all. Those who are aware of us, are the “interactive” ghosts who strive to catch our attention. How many times do they stare us down, block doorways ineffectively, attempt to shove us out of bed while we just snore on. Those few who discover their power might send an unwary sleeper to the floor. Most cannot move a pen.

I feel for those spirits who “suffer” the walk through. But, what they may not realize is they can plod through us too. Sometimes those odd chills may be more than a draft…

Think about it!

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts!