Yes, it can be that simple. Fear is a state of not knowing. What will happen when I speak in front of the class? What will happen when I meet with the boss? What will happen when I enter the dark room!

Paranormal investigations are usually performed in the dark, mostly because it’s easier to see light anomalies. This opens up plenty of opportunities to be scared. Facing fear is essential to being a competent ghost hunter. It can be difficult to maintain composure when you are alone in a basement with activity in full swing.

So what’s the secret? Just standing one’s ground. No matter how freaked out you are, if you just stay put, it will all pass. Soon the light comes on and you are okay. It’s now just a room, some stuff and perhaps an entity who has no real power over you. This applies to life situations. Sometimes you just can’t see the outcome. Forge ahead bravely and the answers will come. Daylight always returns.

As a child I was terrified to speak in public. Oral reports were my Kryptonite. I plowed on, using humor to keep me from hittin’ the floor. Persistent fear facing has eliminated the terror. I now stand confidently in front of large crowds. If I get tongue-tied, I persevere.

Fear brings out flight or flight. Sometimes you need to flee the lion, sometimes you must stare down the bear. Running won’t teach you much. Standing in the face of the situation, studying, and preparing an attack will make you stronger. We learn by tackling the obstacles we encounter.

The next time you are on the verge of freaking, take a step back, assess the situation and discover the wonder of what it has to offer. It will light your next adventure.


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