Figured you’d enjoy the story of what happened to my Magic 8 Ball… Back in the beginning of Spring, on one of the coldest weekends, I decided to have the first garage sale purge. In the throws of insanity, it was determined that I really didn’t NEED a Magic 8 Ball.

I lived to regret this decision, when I went rummaging for it later, because I wanted to write an Entities comic about it. After hours of tearing the house apart, I realized I had sold it. HOW INSANE IS THAT?!!! 8-Balls are an important fixture in the lives of many, including dopes like me who THINK they don’t need one…

Apparently, it is being enjoyed by my friend Sue’s daughter who uses it to pass her exams in college (exam passing comment is just for humor and not necessarily true…).

Thus passes my 8-Ball into the hands of another adept.

If anyone wants to get me a Christmas gift, and 8-Ball would be a good idea. I miss that stupid thing.

Eat Cookies,