I took a few days off to complete another yard sale… Yes, I’m still zen about this sort of event. I’ve surprised myself in my ability to stay un-annoyed for two entire weekends of sales. I must say, I’ve capitalized on this venture. My newfound practice of non-attachment is going quite well.

I’ve celebrated with a nice Cabernet from Argentina – Navarro Torreas, Coleccion Privada, 2005. Nice tanins, good kick. (Always enjoy a good kick, as long as it’s not in the ass.)

The bro was in town this weekend and left a nice bright grapey wine from the Fingerlakes Region of NY: King Ferry Winery’s Mystere, basically the makeup is a mystery… lite fare for a casual gather.

Also, try Vin Chocolain – not sure about what it’s all about other than it’s sort of a chocolate wine. Nice and chocolately. Interesting on it’s own… probably weird with dinner. You can thank my yard sale pal, Sue, for that one.

Ahhhh, I suppose I should be writing comics?! Back to work. Catch ya tomorrow folks.

Eat Cookies, drink fine wine.