The bane of any ghost hunter’s existence is lack of proper equipment… Whether it is forgetting extra batteries, tapes, the digital recorder it is truly a headache.

My favorite item to forget is the flashlight. This is mostly because I virtually never use one preferring, for some unknown reason, to stumble around in the dark. I have made excursions out in a pitch black night to check on my horses somehow missing knocking into trees and finding the barn without any skunk interaction.

Guess I can assume I’m not afraid of the dark. But the real reason is I can never find a flashlight in my house in spite of the fact that my spouse is a flashlight aficionado. His love for all things flashlight has caused him quite an accumulation. Unfortunately his habit of leaving things in odd places makes all of them inaccessible without a lengthy search and destroy mission. So, I’d rather not waste time during an impeding crisis and head out without any light source.

This obviously extends to my paranormal investigating. I have to start the search and destroy long before I plan to head out to destination ghost. Sometimes, in the excitement that step slips by and I’m decidedly un-lit for the night. My fault entirely… I don’t blame my husband. I need to get my list in order and fill it accordingly.

So, thanks to my more conscientious investigators who always bring two or more, I usually find one to use. That doesn’t mean I actually use it… I’d rather trip over a few grave stones than miss an apparition.

Rule of thumb to the flashlightless: always feel your steps and don’t commit your weight until you know it’s safe. If you follow that code you won’t fall through the old barn floor, trip over ottomans or step on any bloodthirsty possums. And that’s a good thing!

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts, Tread Carefully When Sightless!