Top Ten Things You Should Never Do on a Paranormal Investigation


By Terri J. Garofalo – Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic –



10. Forget Flashlight – Once you turn out the lights, you’re screwed.


9. Forget Flash Cards and Videotapes – How, the heck are you gonna record evidence? Duh.


8. Get Out the Ouija Board – Who knows what the cat will drag in?!


7. Request to be slugged by any spirits presiding – They may oblige.


6. Stick the EMF reader in the microwave – Talk about cheating…


5. Hum Petula Clark songs while collecting EVPs – Not only discouraging astral communication, but, savaging your music reputation once evidence gets reviewed.


4. Use Thermal Imager to find your coffee – It’s an investigation not a coffee break.


3. Investigate Hungry – You know those growls your got on the DVR…?


2. Investigate After a Meal of Refried Beans – Phantom smells become rancid.


1. Never Provoke a Demonic Spirit – You’ll have the living TAR beaten out of ya.



And, what you should never do AFTER an investigation:


Use the full spectrum camera to spy on the neighborhood naked person.