The Ghost Hunters themselves will be the Guest Draw for Sunday! Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters series will join Entities-R-Us in the comforts of their own Spaulding Inn.

The Spaulding Inn is a hauntingly welcoming vacation location situated in New Hampshire’s mountains. Those of you who are looking for nature’s wilderness excursions by and to party with the spirits by night (and I’m not referring to the alcoholic version) will be impressed.

Yes, the Spaulding is haunted. Nothing demonic I assure you! Just good old friendly New England ghosts.

The Spaulding often hosts paranormal investigations. There are rates for those who want to come hunt the astrals that hang out there.

Check it out!


BTW: Latin translation for today’s comic: Quales Illic Homunculi = Quality of a little men or creatures (weird little munchkins). Merus stupor: Purely stupid (quintessential cretin)