Here is an experimental video series I am working on… I call it Accelerated Philosophy, mostly because it is me riding in my car to work. It was a good idea to use the time wasted commuting to put some thoughts out there. I’m a tad transparent with all of this, so you may see more of me than you like… or than I like! HA!

The purpose is to ruminate on some interesting topics regarding cartoons, art, design, the paranormal, and spiritual adventures. The goal is to provide some insight into these topics and inspire you all to the next level of you. These will also provide a bit of comic relief… at my expense of course. I’m not sure where this will lead. So far, the topics are random – they just show up.

Sometimes it’s good not to have a plan. So, here’s some un-planning!

The link, in case the bandwidth makes it tough to watch here: