Working on the last of the audio evidence for Harmony House investigation, I noticed there seemed to be a few spirits that did not seem to be attached to the place. Not every ghost is grounded to a location. Some come along for the ride. There comes a time when a ghost hunter realizes he/she has become a “cellphone” to the afterlife. Apparently, it gets around. Ghosts talk, you know.

I noticed this when I discovered a couple EVPs from a spirit who was interested in crossing over. I broached the subject and had a positive response. I’m hoping he took my advice to go to his family, to God… or the white light… or whatever it is. I’m still not sure what it is, just where to send them.

One needs to be aware that every spirit encountered is not necessarily haunting the joint. They will join in for entertainment, help, or a hello. My grandfather has shown up on EVP, as has my old neighbor. A recently deceased aunt has left me a message as well. It’s interesting to say the least.

So, when you flip on your voice recorder, keep and open mind. You never know who you’ll be talking to.

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