As of this weekend, I’m the proud owner of a Nook. For a former technology resistor, I’m really moving up in the world. Although, I still consider a Blackberry, a fruit. I am excited to dig into the realm of e-books. I’ve been a hardcover aficionado for decades, and still love the feel of paper between my fingers. Yet, the interactive opportunities intrigue me.

As a cartoonist, this opens up the possibility for animated books. This gets my blood going… User experience becomes paramount. What is more entertaining than a book one can participate in? Because of this, I’m learning all I can about how to build one of these suckers! It’s like building atomic design! HA!

The art of cartooning has come a long way since print. As artists, we can challenge ourselves, discovering new ways to ply our craft. I for one will be a busy little bastard over this… If all goes well, I will be sharing more fun and excitement on another level up from the basic webcomic. I’m excited to see where all this leads.

Meanwhile, I’m going to fool around with this Nook thing and see what I can learn. To think, I can read in bed without a night light! AND, I can make the type bigger when my eyes are butt tired.

Eat Cookies, Hunt Ghosts, Learn!