Of course! Can you imagine what fun it would be to terrorize invaders of your home?

Actually, they mostly want to gain your attention. After days, months and years of being ignored finally tweaks them enough to want to do ANYTHING in order to say, “YO, I’M HERE, DOPE!” So, as soon as they can figure out how to throw something, they will toss the cat.

Hans Holzer, the father of ghost hunting, stated most ghosts have become insane after living in an existence where they cannot communicate properly. Imaging being in limbo, no one to talk to, everyone avoiding you… It’s like solitary confinement where you can see everyone, but they cannot see you.

Time for some sympathy, eh? I’d say so. However, there are some spirits who are quite aware they are dead and totally get a thrill out of traumatizing their living friends. Thor, of course, is one of those. I know some of his fans say they would love to have Thor haunt their homes, but I don’t advise this. It would be worse than allowing your teenager and all his friends carte blanche party rights to your home when you are gone for a month. So, please, don’t ask him. You’ll regret it. Especially since I’m the one drawing him. I can dream up loads of evil ideas for him…

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Aside: I’m engaging in another ghost hunt this weekend! This time it’s at the barn I keep my horse at. AND, he is going to join in! This should be interesting. I’m just hoping he doesn’t trash the equipment.

Stay Tuned!

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