Many of you watch the paranormal programing on TV. Thus, you are aware of the standard questions posed to spirits in order to illicit an EVP (electronic voice phenomena).

“Is there anyone here with us?” “What is your name?” “Did you die here?” (This last one is quite rude…)

I hate to break it to ya, but those are LAME! I will admit, I resort to them as well, when I can think of nothing better. But, don’t you realize the ghosts think the questioner is a dumbass? They do!

On several investigations, albeit when the team is tired, we start asking stupid things. I usually realize we have digressed and lay out a comment like, “I suppose you think we’re a bunch of dopes?” At that instant, the KII meter (emf meter used to detect electromagnetic fields – or ghostly energy) goes off in a blaze of green, yellow and red lights. At that time, the voice recorders will pick up an EVP of agreement.

Honestly. the best way to speak to spirits is to speak as if they are physical beings sitting in the room with you. These folks are strangers to you, so it’s advisable to use similar protocol when engaging them. A friendly “Hello my name is…” is an excellent introduction. We usually introduce each team member. We then indicate our intentions of respect for the spirits, and history of the location. Only then do we ask a name.

As always, once you start hammering questions, everyone on the other side shuts up. So, try not to make in an interrogation session. It has to be a conversation. It is difficult to do this from a one-sided perspective. This is where you need to be a bit creative. Yes, you will fell like an idiot talking to the night; but I assure you, you are never truly alone… even when you think you are. So, hang up the embarrassment. It never serves you anyway, in any situation.

Talk to ghosts as you would people. They are people. The more warmly you engage, the thinner the veil becomes.

Make friends with your spirit pals. They are excellent company much of the time.

Eat Cookies! Hunt Ghosts! Read Comics!


EVP session at the Garrison House Investigation with IndyPara and PPI. Terri J. Garofalo (left), James Mulcahy (center), Ed Bates (right) -photo by Donna Parish-Bischoff