Yes, it is true! I’m resurrecting Entities-R-Us.

This will be a bit of a revamp. I want to approach the ‘toon in a new way. My journey has taken me down some amazing paths, forging new trails, digesting experiences I never dreamed of. While it all sounds amazing, it’s also rather simple.

Taking an extended break from cartooning allowed for a fair amount of reflection. How does the comic serve the audience, a.k.a. you guys? How does it serve me as an artist/author? Much of my dissatisfaction has grown from putting out a lot of effort with little return. One becomes tapped out when there is no income. I hope to remedy that.

This comic will not be a daily anymore. That was too much work for me. I have a ton more options going on these days. I have to put the attention where I can generate return. I also want to branch out the topic a bit. Entities covers a wide ground, so it is my desire to tap that. This comic will also serve the audience. This is for you. I hope it helps you grow, expand, and laugh out loud.

I intend it to be a respite from the insanity brewing in our world today. While I’ll approach some of the topics, it is designed to lighten the load with laughter.

We all need a fresh hot batch of good cheer!

So, that being said…


Terri J. Garofalo – Cartoonist At Large