Renowned paranormal investigator, Hans Holzer gained firsthand experience of the other side when he passed on April 29, 2009 at the age of 89.

He was noted for his investigations of haunted houses, including the Amityville Horror home. Holzer wrote over 140 books on various phenomena including ghosts, witchcraft to extraterrestrials. He was a consultant for the Leonard Nemoy series, In Search Of.

He spoke of ghosts to Nemoy on an interview, “After all, a ghost is only a fellow human being in trouble.” Specifically, a human who has died in traumatic circumstances, does not realize he or she is dead and is, as he told the Web site in 2003, “confused as to their real status.”*

Holzer was interviewed by Jeff Belanger in 2005. You can read the article on the Ghost Village website:

Of paranormal investigations the article said:

Paranormal investigative groups are popping up everywhere. More people are studying this field today than ever before, and Holzer has met many of them. “We are living in a technological age,” he said, “and they [paranormal investigators] think, or at least some of them that I’ve met, in all sincerity, that running around with geiger counters and cameras and instruments that can measure cold spots will be the way to investigate a haunting or a ghost. That’s bullshit. Because if you really are an investigator of the paranormal, and you’re dealing with ghosts or hauntings, you’re dealing with a human being – nothing more, nothing less. Therefore you should have with you a good trancemedium who can lend her body or his body temporarily for that entity to speak through so you can find out what the trouble is. That’s the way it works – not a geiger counter.”

“But certainly a geiger counter is more accessible than a good trancemedium for most people,” I said.

“And it looks more professional to them,” Holzer said. “But it really is bullshit.”**

You gotta love Holzer for that one! I’ve always said, “You can’t prove the spiritual with the physical.”

Bless you Dr. Holzer. I hope you are swing dancing away on the other side. See you soon!

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