What if Casper had issues? Most of the ghosts I have lived with have been fairly agreeable. However, given the circumstances that would cause someone to linger on in this dimension, it is likely that they may NOT be so accommodating.

This little brainwave makes for some amusing cartoons.

Now, let’s get off topic again…

Two wines added to the weekend festivities of incoming ‘rents.

We always have a “Mom” wine on hand when they show up. The selection for this visit was Chateau de Montfort Vouvray 2006 from France. A fine fruity wine that was finished before I could taste it. It had rave reviews from Mom. She prefers a white or rose. She may be budget minded at home with her box of Sutter Home, however, she does know a fine wine when she tastes one. We like to make sure she is well treated with us. In my home, boxes are for storage not beverage!

The second wine was Layer Cake Shiraz 2008 from South Australia. It’s a chocolaty wine that stands up well to Mom’s brownies! You can taste the chocolate overtones in this wine. It is supposed to go well with dark chocolate. A definite worthwhile tasting! It’s rare to come across such a distinctive taste.

Enjoy, Eat Cookies or Brownies, Drink Fine Wine, and beware of Casper,