Empower Radio: The interview I did on the Maria Shaw Show with Sexy Joe Lawson can be discovered here: http://www.empoweradio.com/home/shows/shawshow/309-The-Maria-Shaw-Show.html

Disclaimer: I do not cartoon the Ghost Hunters from the TV show. Joe mentions this in the opening statement. I did do Brian Harnois with his permission. I just want to clarify that to keep my nose clean. I would never “guest draw” of anyone unless I had permission to brutalize them! They always have final say on what I run.

The Next Order of Business:

Trolling the Discount Rack at B&N

I did my semi-regular jaunt to the bookstore for some coffee and book perusal. I discovered a wonderful find in the discount rack. Scott Adam’s Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain! for a whopping $5.98! Anyone who is a Dilbert fan would do well to pick this up. It’s about his random life observations… and looks to be quite funny. Figured I could use some inspiration from a well-versed colleague.

This next find was NOT on the discount rack. However, it was 20% plus the extra 10% with my card… so a deal it was. From Library of Hogwarts – Quidditch Through the Ages & Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find Them. J.K. Rowling put these two books together in a set. Some of the proceeds go to Comic Relief, so it benefits children worldwide. Excellent fun for the Harry Potter Connoisseur – which I am.

Wine Review: I haven’t gotten around to mentioning anything interesting I’ve been imbibing, mostly because I haven’t imbibed anything interesting. This has changed since the last two bottles of mead I’ve gotten into have been quite good.

Long Flat Destinations – Barossa Valley Shraz 2006 from Australia: A very nice wine with all the pizazz of an Outback Shiraz with none of the Yellow Tail headache. It sports a good fruit and one can imagine hanging out in the Jeep scouting crocs behind the safety of the crystal.

High Note, Elevated Malbec 2007, Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina: A truly wonderful wine, nice full grape, decent subtle kick. One can imagine relaxing in the altitudes of high in the mountains of Argentina. The view is spectacular bringing the awareness of all that is to your lips as you sip this fruit of the Earth.

One of these days I’ll  get back on topic… what was the topic anyway? Hey, it’s MY blog. Snicker…

Eat Cookies, Drink Ghosts?!…