Alas, I get to age another day… first day of Spring. The only bummer is there is no snow… I usually get a hit snow on my day, if just a dusting. Weather report predicts unobstructed sun and clear skies – and quite warm for us New Hampshire-blooded sorts. I will enjoy myself in spite of the lovely weather.

I want to do a heads up for the “My House Case Study” cartoon series that begins on Monday. This is based on the actual investigation my group did on my own home. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t finish up the Fighting Ghost series… that’s amusing enough. Also, Sunday is a really funny ‘toon for all those who appreciate K2 communication with assorted entities.

I would like to take the time to review a lovely Chianti – Badia di Morrona, I Sodi Del Paretaio 2007. What a nice smooth flare of grape topped with a spritz of tannin. Way cool. Definitely a recommend. I salute a b-day wine with you!

Enjoy, Eat Cookies, Drink Wine (don’t mix ’em, they taste lousy together),